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FFCA High School Wins Prestigious Award... Again!

June 19

FFCA High School Yearbook Team

FFCA High School Yearbook Team

Kim Gurr, Mariko Glenney and their team (particularly the editor in chief, Andrew Q.) did an amazing job creating the school yearbook, once again, this year!  If you didn't know, creating a yearbook is not an easy task and requires a year-long commitment with many hours of hard work. With this hard work they have also earned a prestigious award (for the second year in a row) as outlined below:

One of only 12 schools throughout the country, Foundations for the Future High School has been awarded the 2017 National Yearbook Program of Excellence award. Each school will receive a plaque, recognition in the 2018 Jostens Look Book, as well as a large banner to display in a prominent place in the school so everyone is aware of this important accomplishment. To receive this award each school met the following criteria:

-          50% or more of the student body is covered 3x or more in the book.

-          Buy Rate is at 70% or improved by 5%+.

-          End-sheets were submitted by 11/1.

-          Covers were submitted by 11/1.

-          All page deadlines were met.

The FFCA High School Yearbook team would like to thank everyone who supported our efforts this year and we look forward to presenting the books to the students in mid June!

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Dawn Ackroyd said on June 26, 2017

Congrats to FFCA High School! A year book is a great keepsake. Yea for people who create these wonderful books!