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SMS Gr. 8 Janus School Visit - Brooke B.

June 26

Service Learning in 8W

This year, the class of 8W volunteered at a local school called Janus Academy for autistic children. Almost every student got the opportunity to go there twice. On the first visit, the teacher at the school planned an activity for us to do with the students. On the second visit, we got to plan the activity. In groups of 5 or 6 people, we worked together to lead an activity that the students would enjoy. From colouring to decorating cupcakes, many creative activities were planned. My group decorated cupcakes. It felt amazing to see how much fun the students were having. When we were leaving, one of the students joyfully said, “Thanks for coming FFCA!” That automatically let me know that they had had plenty of fun. On June. 2, 2017, all of the students that we had worked with throughout the year came to our school for a field day that we had planned. We played baseball, soccer, tag, and more. I enjoyed it so much and it was nice to be able to work outside with the other students. Being able to have this volunteer experience is something that I am truly grateful for and I'm sure that almost everyone in 8W feels the same way.