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FFCA High School Students Excel at Earning Scholarships - Shelley Geran

September 11

As the guidance counsellor at FFCA High School, I receive many questions from students and parents about scholarships. With the ever-increasing cost of financing post-secondary studies, students are looking for more ways to pay for their education. Overall, I estimated that the FFCA High School Class of 2017 earned a total of $293,050 in scholarships. This is an amazing total of money earned by many hard-working students.

There are several types of scholarships. Some are academic awards that require high marks generally over 90%. This includes marks in Grades 10-12. The most common award FFCA students earn is the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship from the Province of Alberta. Based on marks from Grades 10-12, students with averages over 75% can earn a total of $2500 for their future studies. I estimated that 84% of the Class of 2017 qualified for the Rutherford Scholarship; the estimated total earnings was $249,300 which is an average of $1932.56 per student. This award is open to all students, so working hard on academics can pay off.

There are many other types of scholarships. At FFCA High School, we now offer 18 scholarships for our Grade 12 students. These are based on many criteria including academics, character, leadership, athletics, and fine arts. We thank all of our campuses, families, and alumni for supporting these awards.

Most scholarship donors are looking for a well-rounded student. For major national awards, students need to be involved in activities such as high-level research, have logged 500 or more volunteer hours, school clubs/teams, and/or student council, have served in extracurricular leadership roles, or be previous award recipients. Students can begin building a portfolio of experience starting in Grade 9. By Grade 11, students should be researching scholarships so they can apply for them in the fall of their Grade 12 year. Additionally, students should also apply for awards that are offered at the post-secondary schools they plan to attend.

Earning scholarships requires hard work and planning. I'm always happy to help students to increase their chances of earning awards. I look forward to FFCA students continuing to excel at earning scholarships to help with their future studies.

Shelley Geran
FFCA Guidance Counsellor