Documents and Publications

Policy Manual


New Policies

Policy 1 Foundational Statements

Policy 2 Role of the Charter Board

Policy 3 Role of the Director

Policy 4 Director Code of Conduct

Policy 5 Role of the Charter Board Chair

Policy 6 Role of the Vice-Chair

Policy 7 Charter Board Operations

Policy 8 Charter Board Committees

Policy 10 Policy Making

Policy 12 Role of the Superintendent

Policy 13 Appeals and Hearings Regarding Student Matters

Policy 14 Uniforms

Policy 16 Recruitment and Selection of Personnel

Policy 18 Parental Partnerships

Policy 19 Welcoming, Caring, Respectful and Safe Learning and Working Environments

Policy 20 School Fees


Original Policies still in effect

Category A: Foundations and Philosophic Comments

Replaced by Policy 1 above

Category B: School Board Governance

B-104 Duties of the Secretary


Category C: School Administration

Category D: Business Administration

D-501 Campus Fundraising


Category E: Support Services

E-101 Use of Private Vehicles for Co-curricular and Extra-curricular Activities


Category F: Facilities

F-201 Emergency School Closures

F-301 School Facility Rental


Category G: Personnel and Employee Relations


Category H: Curriculum and Instruction


Category I: Students

I-201 Student Behaviour

I-601 Transportation of Students to Campus

I-804 Student Clubs and Organizations


Category J: School and School Community Relations

J-102 Brand Identity



Administrative Procedures



Foundations and Philosophic Comments

AP-A-102.1 Character Education

AP-A-102.2 Homework


School Board Governance

AP-B-101.1 Roles and Responsibilities of the Charter Board

AP-B-101.2 Superintendent Performance Review

AP-B-101.2.1 Superintendent Performance Review Survey

AP-B-101.3 Board Performance Review

AP-B-101.4 Board Chair Performance Review

AP-B-101.4.1 Board Chair Performance Review Survey

AP-B-201.1 Charter Board Member Code of Conduct

AP-B-301.1 Policy Development and Review

AP-B-401 1 Being Heard 2017-18

AP-B-402.1 Presentations to the Charter Board

AP-B-403.1 Appeals to the Charter Board


School Administration

AP-C-102.1 Leadership Quality Standards

AP-C-103.1 Administrator Growth, Supervision and Evaluation

AP-C-103.2 Parent-Student-Staff Involvement in Administrator Evaluation

AP-C-201.1 Critical Response Plans


Business Administration

AP-D-101.1 Financial Management

AP-D-401.1 School Fees

AP-D-401.2 Fee Subsidy

AP-D-401.2.1 Applying for a Fee Subsidy

AP-D-501.1 Campus Fundraising

AP-D-701.1 Records Retention and Disposition

AP-D-701.1.1 Records - Schedule A (CO)

AP-D-701.1.2 Records - Schedule B (Schools)

AP-D-701.1.3 Personal Information Banks Directory

AP-D-801.1 Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy


Support Services 

AP-E-101.1 Transportation for Off-Campus School Trips

AP-E-101.1.1 Volunteer Driver Form

AP-E-101.1.2 Transportation Consent Form



AP-F-201.1 Emergency School Closure

AP-F-301.1 Use of School Facilities

AP-F-301.2 Waiver and Release - Staff

AP-F-301.3 Waiver and Release - Students

AP-F-401.1 Campus Boiler Checks


Personnel and Employee Relations

AP-G-101.1 Parent and Student Involvement in Staff Selection

AP-G-101.2 Administrative Staffing Protocol

AP-G-102.1 Staff Reduction

AP-G-201.1 Teacher Growth Supervision and Evaluation

AP-G-201.1.1 Distinctive Characteristics of Teaching Practice at FFCA

AP-G-201.2 Parent and Student Involvement in Teacher Growth and Development

AP-G-201.3 Substitute Teacher Evaluation

AP-G-201.4 Support Staff Growth, Supervision and Evaluation

AP-G-201.5 Specialist Teachers

AP-G-301.1 Teacher Placement on the Salary Grid

AP-G-301.2 Local Authorities Pension Plan (LAPP)

AP-G-301.3 Transition to Retirement

AP-G-401.1 New Teacher Orientation

AP-G-401.2 Teacher Professional Development

AP-G-401.3 Coaching

AP-G-401.5 Internal Teacher Exchange

AP-G-401.6 Learning Assistance

AP-G-501.1 Sabbatical Leave

AP-G-601.1 Discrimination and Harassment

AP-G-701.1 Employee/Visitor First Aid

AP-G-701.2 Working Alone

AP-G-701.3 Occupational Health and Safety Program

AP-G-801.1 Public Interest Disclosure


Curriculum and Instruction

AP-H-101.1 Locally-Developed-Acquired Courses

AP-H-102.1 Second Language Instruction

AP-H-103.1 Human Sexuality Education

AP-H-104.1 Library Learning Commons and Supplementary Resource Collections

AP-H-105.1 English as a Second Language

AP-H-106.1 Tutoring

AP-H-201.1 Use of Information and Communication Technology

AP-H-201.1.1 Technology Users' Reference Guide

AP-H-201.1.2 Classroom Social Media Account Information Form

AP-H-201.1.3 Student Digital Social Media Use Consent Form

AP-H-201.1.4 ICT Acceptable Use Agreement for Staff

AP-H-301.1 Course Challenge

AP-H-501.1 Library

AP-H-701.1 Copyright Fair Dealing Provision



AP-I-101.1 Registration and Admission of Students

AP-I-101.1.1 Student Withdrawal

AP-I-101.2 Kindergarten Admission

AP-I-201.1 Student Behaviour and Conduct

AP-I-202.1 Unexcused Absences

AP-I-301.2 Student Evaluation and Grade Placement

AP-I-301.3 Family Orientation Conferences

AP-I-501.1 Uniforms

AP-I-501.1.1 Uniform Lists

AP-I-602.1 Field Trips

AP-I-801.1 Responding to Medical Needs

AP-I-801.1.1 Administration of Medical TreatmentMedications - Forms

AP-I-801.1.2 Severe Allergy Update

AP-I-801.1.3 Accident Injury Reporting Form

AP-I-802.1 Child Abuse

AP-I-802.2 Interviews of Students

AP-I-803.1 Wellness Education

AP-I-803.1.1 Wellness Education APPENDIX

AP-I-901.1 Competitive Athletics

AP-I-901.1.1 Schedule A Competitive Athletics Try-out Consent Form

AP-I-901.1.2 Schedule B Authorization for Athletics Trip

AP-I-901.1.3 Schedule C Informed Consent and Permission Form for Athletic Activities and Trips

AP-I-901.1.4 Schedule D Competitive Athletics Medical Information Form

AP-I-901.1.5 Schedule E FFCA Student Athlete Code of Ethics and Conduct

AP-I-901.1.6 Schedule F Athletics Overnight Trip Required Questionnaire

AP-I-901.1.7 Schedule G Phoenix Athletics FOIP Authorization


School and School Community Relations

AP-J-101.1 Advertising in Schools

AP-J-102.1 Brand Standards

AP-J-201.1 Public Events Protocol

AP-J-301.1 Websites

Board Documents

FFCA Charter 2012

2013 Board Performance Evaluation

FFCA Director Professional Development Sessions

The Real Work of the Board

FFCA Director Handbook - June 2012

Annual Education Documents

AERR Summary 2016-17

AERR 2016-17 

3 Year Education Plan 2017-2020 




Board Newsletters

November 2016 Board Newsletter

June 2016 Board Newsletter

March 2016 Board Newsletter

December 2015 Board Newsletter

October 2015 Board Newsletter


2012-13 Budget - Summary

2013-14 Budget - Summary

2014-15 Budget - Summary

2015-16 Budget - Summary

2016-17 Budget - Summary

2016-17 Budget - Detailed