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**Important Notice** - Parent Edsby Access - Now open!

Parent Edsby access is now open!

Please refer to the below article "The Edsby Platform for FFCA Parents" and the article "Introducing Edsby for FFCA Parents"


The Edsby Platform for FFCA Parents

AT FFCA we are excited to again be using the Edsby platform this year as a tool for parent communication and insight into your child's classroom activities.  If you are an FFCA parent and have not yet created an Edsby account, you can find more information here - Introducing Edsby for FFCA Parents.

Additionally, a number of useful links and answers to frequently asked questions can be found here on the Edsby site - http://edsby.com/help/parents/

*****Please note that we have had reported issues of difficulties logging into Edsby with Internet Explorer or Edge browser.  If you are unable to log in and are using Internet Explorer or Edge, it is highly recommended that you try logging in with either Firefox or Chrome.*****


For Edsby, it's recommended you use one of the following browsers for access

Having trouble logging into Edsby?

If you have already created a parent Edsby account and are unable to log in, you can reset your password on the FFCA Edsby login page at http://ffca.edsby.com