• Kindergarten and Grade 1 parents, please see the document below "A Message from the Transportation Department" for important bus information.
  • Parents/guardians are not to approach the driver with any concerns. Please see the Transportation Handbook below for contact details depending on the situation.
  • We do not allow access to the bus for non-bused students and we do not allow current bus students to ride on a different bus unless there is an emergency situation. In that case you need to contact your campus to make arrangements.

Bus Delays

There may be delays in bus service due to weather conditions, mechanical problems or traffic congestion. Signing up for a Bus Broadcast Subscription will alert you when the busses are running late or have been cancelled – this must be done ANNUALLY in September (if you sign up in June or July for the following school year, your info will be wiped out and you'll have to do it again in September). Occasionally, the delays can be lengthy so please have a back-up plan and discuss it with your child/ren regularly. Instructions to sign up for Southland or Willco are below.

Bus Broadcast Subscription - Willco Routes

If your child is transported by a WILLCO bus (NWE and some NMS students) you can sign up for the bus delay system, even if you have signed up for this in the past you must sign up again. Log into FFCA's Family Zone site, click on 'BUS SUBSCRIPTIONS' and you can enter your ten digit cell number (to receive text message alert) and\or your email address (to receive an email alert).

PDF Instructions

Bus Broadcast Subscription - Southland Routes

If your child is transported by a SOUTHLAND go to to register and confirm your email address, (Carrier is Southland) then you can pick the campus (all campuses begin with FFCA) and the bus route and click on ADD Route and the system will place the route in your list to the right. Each route has an AM and PM so you will need to ADD both if your child rides two way. If you have more than one child you can choose another campus and add that route to your list as well.  You can also register your mobile phone number (click on SMS Service beside the green plus sign) so that you will also receive a text message when delays are posted for your child's route. You can only register one mobile phone number, should you need the message to go to another mobile device you will need to register another email address. 

PDF Instructions

2018/19 Bus Routes

Effective Aug 27th 2018

Community Lists:

  • All Campuses - Lists the communities that are serviced by each route

High School Campus Routes:

NE Elementary Campus Routes:

North Middle Campus Routes:

SW Elementary Campus Routes:

SE Elementary Campus Routes:

  • SEE Routes - Some routes service both SEE and SMS Campuses

South Middle Campus Routes:

  • SMS Routes - Some routes service both SEE and SMS Campuses

Additional Transportation Information

Bus Delay FAQs - Please see the Bus Delay FAQs document below

Transportation Change Request Form - Found under "Transportation Documents" until October 15th; Change requests are not accepted after October 15th . If you are making a request, please fill in the form and email it to Susan. *Please Note: No changes will occur to bus routes until October; therefore, submitting one form is sufficient. If granted, your student will come home with the updated route; if you have not received notification of a route change by November 30th, your requested change cannot be accommodated.

Transportation Parent Handbook - Found under "Transportation Documents." Bus Policies and Procedures for parent's information.

Kindergarten, Grade 1 Bus Release Form -  Found under "Transportation Documents." For parents of children in Kindergarten or Grade 1. Please fill out and return to your campus if you want to allow your child to disembark with an older sibling or a person other than a parent.

Moving? - If your family moves within your current school's boundary during the year, you are required to contact the Director, Transportation Services prior to making the change. The Director, Transportation Services will assist your family in finding an existing bus stop for your child/ren to use if required, please note that no bus stops will be added after November 30th of each school year. All changes to address/phone numbers must be input on the contact page in the Family Login Page under Menu > Parents > Family Login. If your family is moving outside of your current school's boundary, you will be responsible for driving your child to the nearest bus stop within the boundary or driving him/her to school. You can fill in an Internal Transfer Request Form that will take effect at the beginning of the following school year, pending an available seat. No Internal Transfers are done mid-year. You can find this form under Menu > Parents > Internal Student Transfers.

Transportation Documents

Bus Delay FAQs

KgnGr1 - A Message from the Transportation Department

KgnGr1 - Bus Release Form Option 1-2

No Bus Zone - High School

No Bus Zone - Elementary & Middle School

Street Abbreviations

Transportation Change Request - No longer available as of Oct 15th

Transportation Parent Handbook