Uniform Information

Uniforms serve many purposes. At FFCA, our school uniforms help students arrive at school with an attitude conducive to learning and work. Secondly, our uniforms help to create a sense of culture and belonging. When our students are in uniform outside the school, they represent FFCA and everything that FFCA stands for. Lastly, uniforms help eliminate socioeconomic differences and the tendency toward competition between students in the areas of dress and appearance. FFCA is a uniform school. All students arrive at school dressed in either their full gala uniform or their daily wear uniform as directed/required. The only exceptions will occur on predetermined casual days. 

View the PDF document of the FFCA Uniform Requirements below.

AP-I-501 1 1 Uniform Lists


Questions or concerns pertaining to the school uniforms should be emailed to Lorne McDonald. Email Mr. McDonald