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Grade 5 NMS KIds Go Global - Aaron Byford, Grade 5 Teacher

December 18

From the 30TH of October to the 3rd of November Trickster Theatre visited FFCA North Middle School's Grade 5 students, bringing with them the 'Kids Go Global' program. The aim and design of the program is to provide socially empowered learning opportunities to students through physical theatre and engagement in global issues.

Through the week, two artists-in-residence worked with each grade 5 class to develop a short performance which explored social and humanitarian subjects in a manner that promoted collaboration and fostered personal characteristics such as empathy.

The final performances were highly engaging, creative and informative. Students demonstrated their new global awareness and understanding of matters such as education, food, pollution, water and animal rights. When asked about the experience, grade 5 students said they really "enjoyed learning about different global issues" and "that they now feel more comfortable acting and speaking in front of a large audience".

As part of the students' growth in becoming more socially active they worked with the Student Leadership Council (SLC) to raise $133 through coin donations to support the 'We are Silent' campaign.

Aaron Byford
Gr. 5 Teacher