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An Award Winning Budget - Reta Morgan

December 4

School jurisdictions can apply for the Meritorious Budget Award (MBA) granted by the Association of School Business Officials (ASBO) International. By submitting its document, FFCA understands the importance of presenting an accessible and accurate budget to build trust and clear communication with its stakeholders. I am pleased to say that for the past ten years FFCA has submitted its budget and has received this distinguished award from ASBO International. 

Applying for the MBA has provided FFCA with the following benefits:

  • Skills in developing an effective budget presentation.
  • Compliance with clear budget presentation guidelines.
  • Commitment to the community through a reader-friendly budget.

The budget document must adhere to strict guidelines in the preparation of the document (click here to view the guidelines). The ASBO International Reviewers had this to say about the FFCA document: It is the consensus of the Review Team to award the Meritorious Budget Award. The District's budget document contains excellent spreadsheets, charts and graphs to help the reader fully grasp the data presented. The document provides excellent information to allow the layperson to understand the Foundations for the Future Charter Academy (FFCA) budgeting process. The budget includes detailed information about various funds, revenue sources, and expenditure categories. This award demonstrates the District's hard work and commitment to fiscal transparency. FFCA is to be commended for its efforts.

You can view FFCA's award winning 2017-18 Budget document by clicking on the following link: Note: To view the bookmarks click on the bookmark icon (page with blue ribbon) on the left of the file.

Reta Morgan
Chief Financial Officer