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Instagram: Teacher PD - Adrianna Snihura

November 6

As a teacher, I am always looking for ways to grow personally and teach my students with the best environment available. Our formal PD sessions have always been helpful, working as a team to understand new programs and concepts. But those only come around once a month. I am always searching to grow and in my travels I came across Instagram. Nobody ever mentioned the secret underground teacher PD world called Instagram.

Once I came across Instagram, not only could I post fun things that I'm doing in my own classroom, but I have this huge platform to share and exchange ideas with teachers all over the world! It's a platform where thousands of teachers constantly post classroom ideas and lessons they've just done with their students! So many hours have already been spent browsing other teachers' posts, commenting with my own questions, and having discussions using our own classroom experience. It's like a virtual visual chat room!

So I encourage you, my fellow teachers, to dive into this online world of Instagram and share your great classroom ideas! Help share the amazing things happening in your classroom! Show the world how amazing FFCA is using our hashtags #ffcaworks and #ffcaedu!

Adrianna Snihura
SEE Campus