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SLC Volunteers at Brown Bagging for Calgary's Kids - Hiba and Bhuvneet

February 5

One of the best experiences that we’ve ever had with SLC was volunteering at the Brown Bagging For Calgary Kids on Friday January 26th. Right when we entered the building they greeted us very kindly and explained what their company was all about and what their goals were. The next thing that they said made all of our jaws drop. They told us that the lunches we would be making on that day would feed over 1919 kids like us in Calgary. Normally, this program gives lunches and feeds over 3800 kids every day. We could not imagine not having a lunch during our school day. This program gives kids an opportunity to eat healthy and be able to stay healthy.

Stephanie, our leader assigned us all different jobs, some were baking, some had to cut oranges and then put them in bags and others were to do the same but with celery and carrots. As we were doing our jobs we were all thinking of all the smiles on the kids’ faces when they got a lunch made by us. It was a lot of work but we did it, and it was a really good experience that left us feeling like we changed someone's life.

Hiba & Bhuvneet