Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedures



Foundations and Philosophic Comments

AP-A-102.1 Character Education

AP-A-102.2 Homework


School Board Governance

AP-B-101.1 Roles and Responsibilities of the Charter Board

AP-B-101.2 Superintendent Performance Review

AP-B-101.2.1 Superintendent Performance Review Survey

AP-B-101.3 Board Performance Review

AP-B-101.4 Board Chair Performance Review

AP-B-101.4.1 Board Chair Performance Review Survey

AP-B-201.1 Charter Board Member Code of Conduct

AP-B-301.1 Policy Development and Review

AP-B-401 1 Being Heard 2018-19

AP-B-402.1 Presentations to the Charter Board

AP-B-403.1 Appeals to the Charter Board


School Administration

AP-C-102.1 Leadership Quality Standards

AP-C-103.1 Administrator Growth, Supervision and Evaluation

AP-C-103.2 Parent-Student-Staff Involvement in Administrator Evaluation

AP-C-201.1 Critical Response Plans


Business Administration

AP-D-101.1 Financial Management

AP-D-401.1 School Fees

AP-D-401.2 Fee Subsidy

AP-D-401.2.1 Applying for a Fee Subsidy

AP-D-501.1 Campus Fundraising

AP-D-701.1 Records Retention and Disposition

AP-D-701.1.1 Records Retention Schedule

AP-D-701.1.1.2 Records Retention Schedule – Campus Records

AP-D-701.1.1.3 Records Deposition Form

AP-D-801.1 Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy


Support Services 

AP-E-101.1 Transportation for Off-Campus School Trips

AP-E-101.1.1 Volunteer Driver Form

AP-E-101.1.2 Transportation Consent Form



AP-F-201.1 Emergency School Closure

AP-F-301.1 Use of School Facilities 

AP-F-301.1.1 Facilities License Agreement - Fillable

AP-F-301.2 Waiver and Release - Staff

AP-F-301.3 Waiver and Release - Students

AP-F-401.1 Campus Boiler Checks


Personnel and Employee Relations

AP-G-101.1 Certificated Teacher Staffing

AP-G-101.2 Campus Administrator and Central Office Coordinator Staffing

AP-G-102.1 Staff Reduction

AP-G-201.1 Teacher Growth Supervision and Evaluation

AP-G-201.1.1 Distinctive Characteristics of Teaching Practice at FFCA

AP-G-201.2 Parent and Student Involvement in Teacher Growth and Development

AP-G-201.3 Substitute Teacher Evaluation

AP-G-201.4 Support Staff Growth, Supervision and Evaluation

AP-G-201.5 Specialist Teachers

AP-G-301.1 Teacher Placement on the Salary Grid

AP-G-301.2 Local Authorities Pension Plan (LAPP)

AP-G-301.3 Transition to Retirement

AP-G-401.1 New Teacher Orientation

AP-G-401.2 Teacher Professional Development

AP-G-401.3 Coaching

AP-G-401.5 Internal Teacher Exchange

AP-G-401.6 Learning Assistance

AP-G-501.1 Sabbatical Leave

AP-G-601.1 Discrimination and Harassment

AP-G-701.1 Employee/Visitor First Aid

AP-G-701.2 Working Alone

AP-G-701.3 Occupational Health and Safety Program

AP-G-801.1 Public Interest Disclosure


Curriculum and Instruction

AP-H-101.1 Locally-Developed-Acquired Courses

AP-H-102.1 Second Language Instruction

AP-H-103.1 Human Sexuality Education

AP-H-104.1 Library Learning Commons and Supplementary Resource Collections

AP-H-105.1 English as a Second Language

AP-H-106.1 Tutoring

AP-H-201.1 Use of Information and Communication Technology

AP-H-201.1.1 Technology Users' Reference Guide

AP-H-201.1.2 Classroom Social Media Account Information Form

AP-H-201.1.3 Student Digital Social Media Use Consent Form

AP-H-201.1.4 ICT Acceptable Use Agreement for Staff

AP-H-301.1 Course Challenge

AP-H-501.1 Library

AP-H-701.1 Copyright Fair Dealing Provision



AP-I-101.1 Registration and Admission of Students

AP-I-101.1.1 Student Withdrawal

AP-I-101.2 Kindergarten Admission

AP-I-201.1 Student Behaviour and Conduct

AP-I-202.1 Unexcused Absences

AP-I-301.2 Student Evaluation and Grade Placement

AP-I-301.3 Family Orientation Conferences

AP-I-501.1 Uniforms

AP-I-501.1.1 Uniform Lists

AP-I-602.1 Field Trips

AP-I-801.1 Responding to Medical Needs

AP-I-801.1.1 Administration of Medical Treatment Medications - Forms

AP-I-801.1.2 Severe Allergy Update

AP-I-801.1.3 Accident Injury Reporting Form

AP-I-802.1 Child Abuse

AP-I-802.2 Interviews of Students

AP-I-802.3 Counselling Support

AP-I-803.1 Wellness Education

AP-I-803.1.1 Wellness Education APPENDIX

AP-I-901.1 Competitive Athletics

AP-I-901.1.1 Schedule A Competitive Athletics Try-out Consent Form

AP-I-901.1.2 Schedule B Authorization for Athletics Trip

AP-I-901.1.3 Schedule C Informed Consent and Permission Form for Athletic Activities and Trips

AP-I-901.1.4 Schedule D Competitive Athletics Medical Information Form

AP-I-901.1.5 Schedule E FFCA Student Athlete Code of Ethics and Conduct

AP-I-901.1.6 Schedule F Athletics Overnight Trip Required Questionnaire

AP-I-901.1.7 Schedule G Phoenix Athletics FOIP Authorization


School and School Community Relations

AP-J-101.1 Advertising in Schools

AP-J-102.1 Brand Standards

AP-J-201.1 Public Events Protocol

AP-J-301.1 Websites