Board Bios

Cindy McGlashan-Beaucage (Board Chair)

Cindy was first elected to the Board in 2010 and served as Vice-Chair from 2012 to 2015, and briefly as Chair in the spring of 2015. Cindy is married and the proud mother of a 13 year old daughter, Maria, who attends FFCA.

 Cindy is a passionate advocate for choice in public education, parental partnerships and promoting our Charter on behalf of the FFCA community. When her daughter was accepted into Kindergarten in 2008, Cindy’s passion for volunteering and her enthusiasm for FFCA encouraged her to become a member of School Council and the Association of School Councils (ASC).  Cindy’s commitment and connection to the FFCA community began within the campus and has evolved to her work on the Board over the past five years. Cindy is highly motivated to continue her work on the Board as an advocate for the right of all families to have a choice in education. Outside volunteer work continues with the Arthritis Society and Heart and Stroke Foundation. 

"Cindy strongly supports the Board’s Government Relations Initiative which advocates to the Provincial Government on behalf of FFCA and all charter schools to achieve equitable funding, to improve access to facilities, and to increase awareness of the successes of charter schools."

Wayne Weinheimer (Board Vice-Chair)

Wayne has a son attending the FFCA Southwest Elementary Campus. Originally from Saskatchewan, he has been living in Calgary for over 20 years.

Wayne is the Director, Applications Services, in the Information Technology department at Mount Royal University, and has over 20 years of experience in that field. He works with multiple areas at the University to provide technology solutions to aid their teaching and learning departments, and their administrative business areas. He sits on a number of MRU councils and committees, and collaborates with multiple areas in the University to enable them to increase efficiency and provide a superior learning environment. Wayne's previous volunteer experience includes the Calgary Brier, the Calgary International Film Festival and the Calgary Folk Music Festival.

"I believe in the values of FFCA, especially the focus on respect, responsibility and integrity directly aligns with my personal values. When our son was born, we asked several people what would be the school for enrollment and FFCA came strongly recommended."

Rizvan Bharmal

Amish Patel

Amish has two children who both attend FFCA. His professional expertise is Corporate Strategy and Finance. He holds two Masters Degrees - an MBA and a Masters in Finance. Amish has 13 years of experience serving on education, charity and private boards. You can follow Amish's updates on FFCA, Alberta Education, nerdy finance jokes and of course sous-vide cooking techniques at @amishmpatel.

“My kids’ future means everything to me; I am willing to pour my heart and soul into FFCA to make it the best academic institution in the province and ensure it continues to provide a balanced education for children. I believe that a student should graduate FFCA having both excelled in academics and having learned to be a model citizen for our society.”

Shelley Schroh

Shelley has been a member of the FFCA Board of Directors since 2008. She describes her work during the past seven years as both exciting and challenging. Shelley is employed by the City of Calgary and loves her work as a pre-school teacher. Her oldest son is a graduate of FFCA and her three younger boys are FFCA students. Shelley spends many, many hours working both at home with her children and in their FFCA campus classrooms. Prior to her work on the Board, she
served as room parent numerous times in her boys' classrooms, and on the Southeast Elementary School Council. 

 “I have always believed that it takes the teacher and the parents to help a child reach his or her potential. I believe in the FFCA guiding principle that parental partnership is needed to make this school a success, and our results speak for themselves.’’ 

Faruq Suleman

Pamela Wilson

This is Pamela’s first year on the FFCA Board. For six years she has participated in multiple FFCA School Councils, and five years as a part of the Association of School Councils (ASC). Over the last two years, she has worked with the Association of School Councils on the FFCA Community Fund, and in the past year she was involved in the “Preferred Future” initiative championed by the Board.

Pamela’s daughters are both in the North Middle campus and have enjoyed their FFCA experience since kindergarten and grade one. During the day, Pamela is a Financial Accountant responsible for financial reporting for a Calgary-based company operating throughout North America.

“I am passionate, driven, and committed to FFCA and parental choice for children’s education that FFCA’s foundation is built upon. I understand the big picture and I am not afraid to ask difficult questions for a different perspective. I support the drive and vision our FFCA Board has for continued educational improvement, parental involvement and the success of our children.”

Jeff Wilson