What is ASC?

The Association of School Councils (ASC) is comprised of the Chairs and Vice-Chairs of the FFCA campus School Councils. The Superintendent and Board Chair also sit on the ASC as ex-officio members.

The ASC fosters a sense of community throughout FFCA by facilitating:

  • A forum for the sharing of activities and exchanging of ideas.
  • The discussion of common key issues identified by the seven FFCA Campus School Councils.
  • A 'Resource Center' for School Councils by providing access to collected documentation that may assist School Council members in their day-to-day operations.
  • The management of the Community Fund (see Article 10, Fundraising of The Bylaws for FFCA School Councils).

Bylaws & Community Fund

ASC Bylaws:

Bylaws of the FFCA Association of School Council (ASC) December 2015

Revised SC Bylaws - December 2015

ASC Community Fund:

Community Fund Guidelines

Meeting Minutes

ASC Meeting Minutes February 29, 2012

ASC Meeting Minutes January 11, 2012

ASC Meeting Minutes November 30, 2011

ASC Meeting Minutes September 28, 2011

ASC Special Meeting Minutes November 2, 2011